Michelle Jones

Mom • Storyteller • Photographer

Lifestyle FAQs

What are Lifestyle Sessions?

Lifestyle sessions are a fun, casual way to photograph your family in a familiar and comfortable setting. It is less formal than traditional portraits and embraces the behind the scenes time spent with your family.

Where do lifestyle sessions take place?

Lifestyle sessions take place at your home and in your neighborhood. We spend most of our time near the windows that let in the best light. We may also venture into your yard or other family favorites around your home.

What can I expect?

You can expect to spend time close to each other at home. Upon arrival, we will look together to choose the best locations. Generally, we start with everyone together. Then we give the kids (and dad) a break and photograph individuals and pairs together. Before we finish, we will set the stage for some silly family fun.

Who should sign up for a lifestyle photography session?

A family that wants to combine casual portraits with documentary photographs of life at home should consider booking a lifestyle session. We embrace the casual connectedness of family life. Bare feet, couch snuggles, playful tickles and mild mess making will likely happen while we are together.

Why do you like to photograph lifestyle sessions?

As a mom, I love photographing lifestyle sessions for families. In the chaos of daily family life, it’s easy to forget the small joys that anchor us together. I think it’s important to capture all the hand holding, giggles, affectionate glances and inside jokes that lay the foundation for our journey together. Our people mean everything to us and I have so much fun showing families how visible their love is for one another.